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Basic Analysis > Contingency Analysis > Tests > Description of the Tests Report
Publication date: 07/30/2020

Description of the Tests Report


Total number of observations.


Records the degrees of freedom associated with the test. The degrees of freedom are equal to (c - 1)(r - 1), where c is the number of columns and r is the number of rows.


Negative log-likelihood, which measures fit and uncertainty (much like sums of squares in continuous response situations).

Rsquare (U)

Portion of the total uncertainty attributed to the model fit.

An R2 of 1 means that the factors completely predict the categorical response.

An R2 of 0 means that there is no gain from using the model instead of fixed background response rates.

See Tests Report.


Lists two Chi-square statistical tests of the hypothesis that the response rates are the same in each sample category. See Tests Report.


Lists the probability of obtaining, by chance alone, a Chi-square value greater than the one computed if no relationship exists between the response and factor. If both variables have only two levels, Fisher’s exact probabilities for the one-tailed tests and the two-tailed test also appear.

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