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Basic Analysis > Contingency Analysis
Publication date: 07/30/2020

Contingency Analysis

Examine Relationships between Two Categorical Variables

The Contingency or Fit Y by X platform lets you explore the distribution of a categorical (nominal or ordinal) variable Y across the levels of a second categorical variable X. The Contingency platform is the categorical by categorical personality of the Fit Y by X platform. The analysis results include a mosaic plot, frequency counts, and proportions. You can interactively perform additional analyses and tests on your data, such as an Analysis of Means for Proportions, a correspondence analysis plot, and so on.

Figure 7.1 Example of Contingency Analysis 


Example of Contingency Analysis

Launch the Contingency Platform

Data Format

The Contingency Report

Contingency Platform Options

Mosaic Plot

Pop-Up Menu

Contingency Table

Description of the Contingency Table


Description of the Tests Report
Fisher’s Exact Test

Analysis of Means for Proportions

Correspondence Analysis

Understanding Correspondence Analysis Plots
Correspondence Analysis Options
The Details Report

Cochran-Mantel-Haenszel Test

Agreement Statistic

Relative Risk

Two Sample Test for Proportions

Measures of Association

Cochran Armitage Trend Test

Exact Test

Additional Examples of the Contingency Platform

Example of Analysis of Means for Proportions
Example of Correspondence Analysis
Example of a Cochran Mantel Haenszel Test
Example of the Agreement Statistic Option
Example of the Relative Risk Option
Example of a Two Sample Test for Proportions
Example of the Measures of Association Option
Example of the Cochran Armitage Trend Test

Statistical Details for the Contingency Platform

Agreement Statistic Option
Odds Ratio Option
Tests Report
Details Report in Correspondence Analysis
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