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Essential Graphing > Graph Builder Examples > Example of Overlaying Histograms with Transparency
Publication date: 07/30/2020

Example of Overlaying Histograms with Transparency

You are interested in finding out how blood pressure is related to a measure of diabetes disease progression. Progression can be Low or High. To see the relationship between blood pressure and disease progression, overlay histograms for these two responses.

1. Select Help > Sample Data Library and open

2. Select Graph > Graph Builder.

3. Select BP and drag it to the Y zone.

4. Select Y Binary and drag it to the Overlay zone.

5. Click the Histogram element icon .

Figure 4.32 Blood Pressure Histograms Overlaid by the Levels of Y Binary 

The histograms indicate that higher blood pressure readings are associated with the High level of disease severity.

6. Click the Overlay zone and drag Y Binary to the Group X zone.

7. (Optional) Click Done.

Figure 4.33 Individual Blood Pressure Histograms for the Levels of Y Binary 

Now you see individual histograms for each of the severity levels.

Overlaid histograms can be useful in seeing overlap, as well as differences, in responses over a small number of categories.

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