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Essential Graphing > Graph Builder Examples
Publication date: 07/30/2020

Graph Builder Examples

Visualize Data Interactively

Graph Builder provides you with a variety of flexible ways to explore your data. This chapter shows examples of examining data using contour plots, bar charts, histograms, area plots, treemaps, and other types of plots.

Figure 4.1 Example Using a Formula, Bars, and a Reference LineĀ 


Example of a Contour Plot

Example of a Contour Plot with a Color Variable

Example of a Violin Plot

Example of a Stacked Bar Chart

Example of a Packed Bar Chart

Example of Custom Error Bars

Examples of Area Plots

Show Behavior over Time
Show Bounds around Group Means

Example of Overlaying Histograms with Transparency

Example of Wafer Maps Based on a Cluster Analysis

Example Using a Heatmap to Apply Background Colors

Example of a Treemap

Example of a Mosaic Plot

Example Using a Formula

Example Using Images as Markers

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