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Reliability and Survival Methods > Fit Proportional Hazards > Fit Proportional Hazards Options
Publication date: 07/30/2020

Fit Proportional Hazards Options

The Proportional Hazards Fit red triangle menu contains the following options:

Likelihood Ratio Tests

Produces tests that compare the log-likelihood from the fitted model to one that removes each term from the model individually.

Wald Tests

Produces chi-square test statistics and p-values for Wald tests of whether each parameter is zero.

Likelihood Confidence Intervals

Specifies the type of confidence intervals shown in the Parameter Estimates table for each parameter. When this option is selected, a profile likelihood confidence interval appears. Otherwise, a Wald interval is shown. In the report, the interval type is noted below the Parameter Estimates table. This option is on by default when the computational time for the profile likelihood confidence intervals is not large.

Note: You can change the α level for the confidence intervals by selecting Set Alpha Level from the red triangle menu in the Fit Model launch window. The default α level is 0.05.

Risk Ratios

Shows the risk ratios for the effects. For continuous columns, unit risk ratios and range risk ratios are calculated. The Unit Risk Ratio is Exp(estimate) and the Range Risk Ratio is Exp[estimate*(xMaxxMin)]. The Unit Risk Ratio shows the risk change over one unit of the regressor, and the Range Risk Ratio shows the change over the whole range of the regressor. For categorical columns, risk ratios are shown in separate reports for each effect. Note that for a categorical variable with k levels, only k -1 design variables, or levels, are used.

Tip: To see Reciprocal values in the Risk Ratio report, right-click in the report and select Columns > Reciprocal.

Model Dialog

Shows the completed launch window for the current analysis.

Effect Summary

Shows the interactive Effect Summary report that enables you to add or remove effects from the model. See Effect Summary Report in Fitting Linear Models.

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