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Publication date: 07/30/2020

Make the Design

1. Click Continue.

Figure 22.7 Balanced Design Diagnostics 

The number of runs in a balanced design appears in the Candidate Runs outline. The Parameter Variance for Balanced Design outline shows the covariance matrix for the parameters for this design. The Distribution Profiler also appears. When you obtain the optimal design, you can compare the Parameter Variance and Distribution Profiler results to those for the balanced design to see the reduction in uncertainty.

2. Click Make Design.

The optimal experimental design appears, along with other results.

Figure 22.8 Optimal Design 

The optimal design is computed based on the levels of the test runs, the total number of units to be tested, and the prior information that you specified. The optimal design consists of testing the following number of units at each torque level:

72 units at 50 Nm

8 units at 75 Nm

20 units at 100 Nm

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