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Design of Experiments Guide > Accelerated Life Test Designs
Publication date: 07/30/2020

Accelerated Life Test Designs

Designing Experiments for Accelerated Life Tests

Product reliability at normal use conditions is often so high that the time required to test the product until it fails is prohibitive. Rather than test the product at normal use conditions, you can test the product under conditions that are more severe than normal use conditions. These severe conditions cause the product to degrade faster and fail more quickly. You can then use this accelerated failure data to predict product reliability at normal use conditions.

Use the Accelerated Life Test (ALT) Design platform to design plans for accelerated life testing experiments. You can design initial experiments or augment existing experiments.

Figure 22.1 Profiler Showing Failure Probabilities for ALT Experiment 


Overview of Accelerated Life Test Designs

Example of an Accelerated Life Test Design

Obtain Prior Estimates
Enter Basic Specifications
Enter Prior Information and Remaining Specifications
Make the Design
Run Simulations
Save Design

Example of Augmenting an Accelerated Life Test Design

Accelerated Life Test Plan Window

Specify the Design Structure
Specify Acceleration Factors
Specify Design Details
Review Balanced Design Diagnostics and Update Specifications
Create and Assess the Optimal Design
Create Design Tables

Platform Options

Statistical Details for the ALT Design Platform

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