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Basic Analysis > Tabulate > Tabulate Platform Options > Right-Click Menu for Columns
Publication date: 07/30/2020

Right-Click Menu for Columns

Right-click a column in Tabulate to see the following options:


Deletes the selected column.

Use as Grouping column

Changes the analysis column to a grouping column.

Use as Analysis column

Changes the grouping column to an analysis column.

Change Item Label

(Appears only for separate or nested columns.) Enter a new label.

Combine Tables (Columns by Categories)

(Appears only for separate or nested columns.) Combines separate or nested columns. See Example of Combining Columns into a Single Table.

Separate Tables

(Appears only for combined tables.) Creates a separate table for each column.

Nest Grouping Columns

Nests grouping columns vertically or horizontally.

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