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Scripting Guide > Scripting Platforms
Publication date: 07/30/2020

Scripting Platforms

Create, Repeat, and Modify Analyses

If you run the same analysis frequently, you can script it to automate the process. Anyone can then run the script, ensuring the same results every time. To get started, perform your analysis interactively as you normally would with JMP, and then save a script that re-creates that analysis. You can modify the script to further customize it.

Figure 10.1 Typical Workflow for Scripting Platforms 

This chapter is about scripting platforms, not reports. Platform object references and report object references receive different types of JSL messages. Platforms can run tests, draw plots, and so on. Reports can copy pictures, select display boxes, or close outline nodes. To learn about scripting reports, see the section Navigate JMP Reports in the Display Trees section.

Tip: For additional scripting help, see the JMP Scripting Index (Help > Scripting Index) and the JSL Syntax Reference.


Example of Scripting a Platform

Send Messages to a Platform

Conventions for Messages and Arguments
Send Multiple Messages
Find Messages for Objects
Interpret the Show Properties List
Send Messages to an Object

Specify Which Columns to Analyze

Create Column References
Specify Multiple Column Names at Once
Enable Users to Specify Columns
Specify a By Variable

Filter by Value using a Where Statement

Enable User Input

Execute Embedded Red Triangle Options

Make Platforms Invisible

Specify Report Titles

Common Messages for Platform Windows

Scripting Considerations by Platform

Control Charts
Fit Model
Formula Depot
Neural and Neural Net
Partial Least Squares and PLS
Process Capability
Scatterplot 3D
Text Explorer
Explore Outliers

Scripting-Only Messages and Arguments by Platform

Control Chart
Control Chart Builder
Cumulative Damage
Custom Profiler
Fit Life by X
Fit Model
Fit Parametric Survival
K Nearest Neighbors
Latent Class Analysis
Life Distribution
Naive Bayes
Pareto Plot
Surface Plot
Text Explorer
Time Series
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