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Publication date: 07/30/2020

Window Options for Weighted Moving Average Charts

The red triangle menu on the window title bar lists options that affect the report window.

Show Limits Legend

Shows or hides the Avg, UCL, and LCL values to the right of the chart.

Connect Through Missing

Connects points when some samples have missing values. If a sample has missing values, the points for the surrounding samples are connected when Connect Through Missing is selected, which is the default.


Performs a Capability Analysis for your data. If the process variable does not have a Spec Limits column property, a pop-up window appears, where you can enter the Lower Spec Limit, Target, and Upper Spec Limit values for the process variable. For information about how the capability indices are computed, see Capability Indices for Normal Distributions in the Process Capability section.

Save Sigma

Saves the computed value of sigma as a column property in the process variable column in the data table.

Save Limits

Saves the control limits in one of the following ways:

in Column

Saves control limits as a column property in the existing data table for the response variable. If the limits are constant, LCL, Avg, and UCL values for each chart type in the report are saved. This option has no effect if the sample sizes are not constant for each chart.

in New Table

Saves the standard deviation and mean for each chart into a new data table. If the limits are constant, the LCL, Avg, and UCL for each chart are saved as well. If there are phases, a new set of values is saved for each phase. You can use this data table to use the limits later. In the UWMA or EWMA launch window, click Get Limits and then select the saved data table. See the section Saving and Retrieving Limits in the Legacy Control Charts section.

Save Summaries

Creates a new data table that contains the sample label, sample sizes, and the weighted moving averages. UWMA charts save the moving average, whereas EWMA charts save the exponentially weighted moving average.

Alarm Script

Enables you to write and run a script that indicates when the data fail special causes tests. Results can be written to the log or spoken. See Tests in the Control Chart Builder section of this guide. See Run Alarm Scripts in the Scripting Guide for more information about writing custom Alarm Scripts.

See Redo Menus and Save Script Menus in Using JMP for more information about the following options:


Contains options that enable you to repeat or relaunch the analysis. In platforms that support the feature, the Automatic Recalc option immediately reflects the changes that you make to the data table in the corresponding report window.

Save Script

Contains options that enable you to save a script that reproduces the report to several destinations.

Save By-Group Script

Contains options that enable you to save a script that reproduces the platform report for all levels of a By variable to several destinations. Available only when a By variable is specified in the launch window.

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