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Publication date: 08/13/2020

Formula Functions Reference

Descriptions of Functions in the Formula Editor

You can add functions to a formula. All of these functions are available in the Functions list of the Formula Editor. This chapter gives a description of functions in the Formula Editor.

More information about functions is available in the following resources:

The Scripting Index describes all functions and their arguments, demonstrates how the functions work, and links to online Help. In JMP, select Help > Scripting Index to view this interactive resource.

The JSL Syntax Reference also provides the arguments for JMP functions, not just those available in the Formula Editor. In JMP, select Help > JMP Help and find JSL Syntax Reference in the left column.

Figure A.1 Functions in the Formula Editor 

For instructions on how to create a formula that contains a function, see Create a Formula in the Formula Editor section.


Row Functions

Numeric Functions

Transcendental Functions

Trigonometric Functions

Character Functions

Comparison Functions

Conditional Functions

Probability Functions

Discrete Probability Functions

Statistical Functions

Random Functions

Date Time Functions

Row State Functions

Assignment Functions

Parametric Model Functions

Finance Functions

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