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Publication date: 08/13/2020

Import Tables that are Not Auto-Detected

Sometimes tables in PDF files cannot be auto-detected. In these cases, you can drag boxes around the columns to group and divide tables.

Figure 3.24 Partial PDF File Preview 

Notice that rows in the first column were auto-detected as three tables.

Drag the top edge of the third table up until it surrounds the two columns.

Figure 3.25 Creating One Table 

In the first table shown in Figure 3.26, drag the far right border to the left until only columns one and two are in the same table,and columns 3 and 4 are outside the table (Figure 3.26).

Figure 3.26 Splitting Up a Table 

Drag a box around the remaining two columns to put them in a table (Figure 3.27).

Figure 3.27 Final Tables on Page One 

Note: Groundhog Day Predictions.pdf in the Samples/Import Data folder shows a cleaned-up version of the data that is auto-detected in the PDF Import Wizard.

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