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Publication date: 08/13/2020

Multivariate Control Charts

Monitor Multiple Process Characteristics Simultaneously

Multivariate control charts are used to monitor two or more interrelated process variables. Where univariate control charts are used to monitor a single independent process characteristic, multivariate control charts are necessary when process variables are correlated. The Multivariate Control Chart platform enables you to build Hotelling T2 charts. You can use the platform to determine whether a process is stable as well as to monitor a process as new data are collected.

For monitoring and diagnosing complex processes, see Model Driven Multivariate Control Charts.

Figure 10.1 Example of a Multivariate Control Chart 


Overview of Multivariate Control Charts

Example of a Multivariate Control Chart

Launch the Multivariate Control Chart Platform

The Multivariate Control Chart

Multivariate Control Chart Platform Options

T Square Partitioned
Change Point Detection
Principal Components

Additional Examples of Multivariate Control Charts

Example of Monitoring a Process Using Sub-Grouped Data
Example of T Square Partitioned
Example of Change Point Detection

Statistical Details for Multivariate Control Charts

Statistical Details for Individual Observations
Statistical Details for Observations in Rational Subgroups
Statistical Details for Change Point Detection
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