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Publication date: 08/13/2020

Overview of Mixture Designs

You can choose from the following types of mixture designs:


Generates an optimal mixture design using the custom designer. See Optimal Mixture Design.

Simplex Centroid

Generates a design of pure mixtures and blends of factors up to a specified degree. In a pure mixture, one component is at 100% and all other components are at 0%. See Simplex Centroid Design.

Simplex Lattice

Generates a design of pure mixtures and blends in a space filling triangular grid of runs. You can specify the number of grid levels. See Simplex Lattice Design.

Extreme Vertices

Generates a design based on the vertices and combinations of the vertices of a constrained factor space. Available when you have linear constraints or restricted upper and lower bounds on one or more of your factors. See Extreme Vertices Design.

ABCD Design

Generates a screening design for mixtures devised by Snee (1975). See ABCD Design.

Space Filling

Generates a space filling design that accommodates linear constraints. See Space Filling Design.

Note: The optimal, extreme vertices, and space filling designs can incorporate linear constraints and restrictions on components.

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