Publication date: 04/12/2021

Clustering Script-Only Messages

The following messages for a hierarchical cluster object are available only in JSL:

// returns the column names in cluster order (for two-way clustering)
hier_cluster_object << Get Column Names
// returns a vector of cluster numbers
hier_cluster_object << Get Clusters
/* returns a vector of the display position for each row in the cluster,
with missing values for undisplayed rows */
hier_cluster_object << GetDisplayOrder
/* returns a vector of the display position for each column
(for two-way clustering)*/
hier_cluster_object << GetColumnDisplayOrder
// returns the distance matrix used for hierarchical clustering
hier_cluster_object << Get Distance Matrix

KMeans Clustering

The following message for a KMeans cluster object is available only in JSL. The message returns the mean and standard deviation for each variable within each cluster.

kmeans_cluster_object << Get Statistics
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