Publication date: 04/12/2021

Surface Plot Script-Only Messages

The following messages for a Surface Plot object can also be controlled in JMP, but might not have corresponding options in the red triangle menu of another platform such as Profiler:

/* Isosurface uses three independent variables as the X, Y, and Z axes and simultaneously plots the surfaces for the dependent variables on the plot. Sheet has one Z response that is dependent upon two independent X, Y variables.*/
surface_plot_object << Mode( "Isosurface" | "Sheet" )
// set the Z axis by referencing the column
surface_plot_object << Set Z Axis( col, Current Value( n ) )
// set the independent variable axes by referencing each individual column
surface_plot_object << Set Variable Axis( col, Current Value( n ) )
// identify up to four response columns for plotting overlaid points
surface_plot_object << Response( ... )
// assign formulas to columns in the sheets in a specified order
surface_plot_object << Formula( ... )
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