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Using JMP > Enter and Edit Your Data > Enter Data in Data Tables > Copy and Paste Data into Data Tables
Publication date: 11/29/2021

Copy and Paste Data into Data Tables

When you paste data from another document into a data table, JMP adds rows and columns as needed. Click a cell and paste the data.

Multiple Lines of Data

When you copy one data table cell and paste several lines of data, each line is pasted into its own cell.

To paste all lines into one cell, do one of the following:

Double-click an existing cell first and then paste.

Right-click an existing cell and select Paste into Cell. The Paste into Cell option is available only on character and expression columns.

Note: If you try to paste into a cell that does not exist, the text will paste into separate cells.

The data type of the copied content needs to match the data type of the cells that you’re pasting into. You can add new columns and paste the data, paste the data into cells of the correct data type, or change the data type of the cells if necessary.

Note: To copy the entire numeric value, select Edit > Copy With Full Precision. The option applies only to the fixed decimal format.

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