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Using JMP
Publication date: 11/29/2021

Using JMP

Get Started with JMP

Introduction to Basic Features

To get you started with JMP, this chapter covers the following topics:

learn about the initial windows that appear when you start JMP

understand data tables

open data files

manage open windows

learn about the anatomy of a typical JMP user session

Figure 2.1 The JMP Home Window on Windows 

The JMP Home Window on Windows


Anatomy of a JMP Session

Data Table Features

Data Table Panels
Data Grid in Data Tables
Options to Open Data File

Platforms and Reports

Launch Windows in Platforms
Analysis Results in Reports

Manage Files and Open Windows

JMP Home Window on Windows
JMP Home Window on macOS
Search for Recently Opened Files on Windows
Close Multiple Files
Display and Arrange Open Windows
Preview JMP Files
Using the Windows Reveal Feature

JMP Starter Window

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