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Publication date: 11/29/2021


Introduction to Profilers

Visualize Response Surfaces and Optimize Processes

Profiling is an approach to visualizing response surfaces by seeing what would happen if you change just one or two factors at a time. Essentially, a profile is a cross-section view. The interactive profilers in JMP promote exploring opportunity spaces. In fitting equations to data, the fitting is only the first step. Interpreting the fit, understanding the fitted response surface, and finding factor values to optimize the responses is desirable.

Figure 2.1 Examples of Profilers 

Examples of Profilers


Overview of the Profiler Platform

Introduction to Profiling

Profiler Features in JMP
Profiler Launch Windows
Fit Group

Interpret the Profiles

Profiler Platform Options

Common Profiler Topics

Linear Constraints
Noise Factors
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