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Design of Experiments Guide > Evaluate Designs > Overview of the Evaluate Design Platform
Publication date: 11/29/2021

Overview of the Evaluate Design Platform

The Evaluate Design platform provides powerful tools that enable you to assess the properties of your design, whether it is created by JMP or another tool. You can use the platform before conducting an experiment to choose from several designs. You can also assess the impact of incorrect settings or lost runs in a design that you have conducted. You can modify the terms in your assumed model to see the impact of estimating a modified model. You can also modify the terms that appear in the Alias Terms outline to see the impact on the Alias Matrix.

You start by entering information about the design in the launch window. Then you can modify the assumed model and specify which effects not included in the model are of potential interest. Based on your specifications, the Design Evaluation platform then provides a number of ways to evaluate the properties of the generated design:

Power Analysis

Enables you to explore your ability to detect effects of given sizes.

Prediction Variance Profile

Shows the prediction variance over the range of factor settings.

Fraction of Design Space Plot

Shows how much of the model prediction variance lies below or above a given value.

Prediction Variance Surface

Shows a surface plot of the prediction variance for any two continuous factors.

Estimation Efficiency

For each parameter, gives the fractional increase in the length of a confidence interval compared to that of an ideal (orthogonal) design, which might not exist. Also gives the relative standard error of the parameters.

Alias Matrix

Gives coefficients that indicate the degree to which the model parameters are biased by effects that are potentially active, but not in the model.

Color Map on Correlations

Shows the absolute correlations between effects on a plot using an intensity scale.

Note: The default intensity scale is a gray scale. To change the color scale, click the Color Map on Correlations red triangle and select Blue to Gray to Red. For a custom color scale, right-click in the plot and select Color Theme.

Design Diagnostics

Gives efficiency measures for your design.

Note: In several DOE platforms, when you construct a design, a Design Evaluation outline appears. This outline shows results provided by the Evaluate Design platform. The platforms that provide a Design Evaluation outline are: Custom Design, Definitive Screening Design, Screening Design, Response Surface Design, and Mixture Design with Optimal design type.

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