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Design of Experiments Guide > Evaluate Designs
Publication date: 11/29/2021

Evaluate Designs

Explore Properties of Your Design

Using the Evaluate Design platform, you can:

See the strengths and limitations of your existing experimental design.

Determine your design’s ability to detect effects associated with meaningful changes in the response.

Address prediction variance and the precision of your estimates.

Gain insight on aliasing.

Obtain efficiency measures.

The Evaluate Design platform generates the results that appear in the Design Evaluation outlines provided by several DOE platforms. Diagnostics provided by both Evaluate Design and the Design Evaluation outlines include the following:

power analysis

a prediction variance profiler and surface plot

a fraction of design space plot, showing how much of the design space has prediction variance above a given value

estimation efficiency measures for parameter estimates

the alias matrix, showing the bias structure for model effects

a color map showing absolute correlations among effects

design efficiency values

Figure 15.1 Comparison of Two Fraction of Design Space Plots 

Comparison of Two Fraction of Design Space Plots


Overview of the Evaluate Design Platform

Example of Evaluate Design

Assessing the Impact of Lost Runs
Evaluating Power Relative to a Specified Model

Evaluate Design Launch Window

Evaluate Design Window

Alias Terms
Design Evaluation
Power Analysis
Prediction Variance Profile
Fraction of Design Space Plot
Prediction Variance Surface
Estimation Efficiency
Alias Matrix
Color Map on Correlations
Design Diagnostics

Evaluate Design Options

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