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Using JMP > JMP Reports > Red Triangle Options in JMP Reports
Publication date: 11/29/2021

Red Triangle Options in JMP Reports

Click the red triangle menu in a report to access a list of options that apply for that particular report. In addition to clicking the red triangle menu, you can also:

Select multiple actions at the same time. Press Alt and click the red triangle menu. A panel of all commands and options appears with check boxes.

Apply a command to all similar reports in the report window. Press Ctrl and click the red triangle menu. For example, in a One-way analysis, if you press Ctrl, click the icon, and select Means/Anova/Pooled t Test, an analysis of variance is performed for all One-way analyses in the active report window.

The red triangle options applicable to each platform in the Analyze and Graph menus are described in the following JMP documentation:

Basic Analysis

Consumer Research

Essential Graphing

Fitting Linear Models

Multivariate Methods


Quality and Process Methods

Reliability and Survival Methods

Predictive and Specialized Modeling

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