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Profilers > Simulator > Simulation Experiment
Publication date: 11/29/2021

Simulation Experiment

Use the Simulation Experiment option to run a designed simulation experiment on the locations of the factor distributions. When you select Simulation Experiment, you to specify the number of design points, the portion of the factor space to be used in the experiment, and which factors to include in the experiment. For factors that are not included in the experiment, the current value set in the Profiler is used in the experiment.

The experimental design is a Latin Hypercube. At each design point, N Runs random draws are generated with the design point serving as the center of the random draws. The shape and variability come from the specified distributions. The output has one row for each design point. The responses include the defect rate for each response with spec limits and an overall defect rate. You can use a Gaussian Process model to model the overall defect rate from the simulation experiment. For more information about Gaussian Process models, see Gaussian Process in Predictive and Specialized Modeling.

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