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Profilers > Simulator > Specification Limits
Publication date: 11/29/2021

Specification Limits

To add specification limits to a variable, right-click the desired column and select Column Properties > Spec Limits. In the Column Properties window, there are boxes to enter values for the Lower Spec Limit, Target, and Upper Spec Limit. Alternatively, you can define Specification Limits using the Spec Limits option in the Simulator red triangle menu.

The profilers support specification limits on the responses and provide a number of features:

In the Profiler, if the Response Limits are not set up in the input data table to provide desirability coordinates, JMP looks for a Spec Limits column property and constructs desirability functions appropriate to those spec limits. For more information about Response Limits see Properties Used in Modeling and DOE in Using JMP.

If you use the Simulator to output simulation tables, JMP includes the Spec Limits column properties in the output data tables. This makes accounting for defect rates and capability indices easy.

Adding spec limits enables the Defect Profiler.

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