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Publication date: 11/10/2021

About Modeling Types

A column in a JMP data table can contain different types of information. However, all information in a single column must have the same data and modeling types.

When you import data, JMP guesses which data and modeling types to use. Therefore, you should verify that JMP has guessed correctly.

When you manually insert data, you should assign a data type and a modeling type at that time.

Figure 5.3 illustrates the icons that identify the different modeling types.

Figure 5.3 Modeling Type Icons in the Columns Panel 

Modeling Type Icons in the Columns Panel

Click an icon to change the modeling type to Continuous, Nominal, Ordinal, or None.

See Modeling Type.

Tip: You can select Continuous only if your data type is numeric. If the Continuous option is dimmed on the menu and you want to make the column continuous, you must first change the column’s data type in the Column Info window.

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