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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Color Coding and Themes

On Windows, the default font in the script editor is 10-point Consolas. On macOS, the default script editor font is 13-point Menlo.

JMP applies the following colors in the script window:

black for text, identifiers (JSL functions), braces, and user macros

white for the script editor background

gray for the disabled background and guides

green for comments

purple for strings

maroon for platform names

Note: If a platform name is used in a message, the JSL messages color is used.

teal blue for numbers

dark blue for operator symbols, the first keyword, and JSL messages

medium blue for function names, second and third keywords, and macros

red for unknown objects

You can customize colors and fonts in the Customize Styles section of the Script Editor preferences. Syntax coloring for JSL, the log, SAS code, JavaScript, Text, JMP Text Analytics, R, Matlab, Python, C, JSON, and SQL are supported. In addition, options for dark and light themes are provided.

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