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Scripting Guide > Scripting Tools
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Scripting Tools

Using the Script Editor, Log Window, Debugger and Profiler

JMP provides several programming tools for script writers. The script editor supports syntax coloring, autocompletes functions as you type, highlights matching braces, allows for code folding, and has additional features to help you develop scripts more quickly. Error messages and output are shown in the log window, which can be displayed inside the script editor. The JMP Scripting Language (JSL) Debugger and Profiler can help you troubleshoot your scripts.

Figure 4.1 Script Editor with Embedded Log and the Debugger 

Script Editor with Embedded Log and the Debugger


Work with the Script Editor

Introduction to the Script Editor
Run a Script
Stop a Script
Edit a Script
Color Coding and Themes
Autocomplete Functions
Split a Window
Match Parentheses, Brackets, and Braces
Select a Rectangular Block of Text
Select Fragmented Text
Drag and Drop Text
Find and Replace
Automatic Formatting
Errors Are Marked by Special Characters
Typing in Multiple Rows at Once
Add Code Folding Markers
Advanced Options
Set Preferences for the Script Editor

Work with the Log

Enhanced Log in JMP
Text Log in JMP

Debug or Profile Scripts

Debugger and Profiler Window
Work with Breakpoints
View Variables
Work with Watches
Modify Preferences in Debugger
Persistent Debugger Sessions
Examples of Debugging and Profiling Scripts
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