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Scripting Guide > Scripting Tools > Work with the Script Editor > Select a Rectangular Block of Text
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Select a Rectangular Block of Text

To select a rectangular block of text, press Alt and drag your cursor from the starting point to the end of the block. You can either copy or cut the text enclosed in the block.

Suppose that you want to the select all of the following code except for the comment marks.

// Y( :Y ),
// X( :X ),

Select a rectangular portion beginning with Y. When you paste, you get the following code:

Y( :Y ),
X( :X ),

The rectangular selection inserts returns where needed to maintain the structure of the text. Select Get Menu Item State on both lines in the following example.

bb << Get Menu Item State(1),
bb << Get Menu Item State(2),

When you paste, a return is inserted at the end of each line.

Get Menu Item State
Get Menu Item State
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