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Publication date: 11/10/2021

View Variables

The variables lists are populated as they appear in the script. Their values are updated every time the script changes them. If you are uncertain why a variable has a particular value when you run your script, you can watch its value at every step to see what happens.

You can also assign the variables whatever value you want. For example, if you are stepping through a For() loop but are interested only in what happens starting with a particular iteration, you can assign your iterating variable that value. Step through the first part of the loop that initializes the iteration variable and then assign it the value that you want in the variable list at the bottom. Then when you step through, the loop begins executing at that point.

Tips for Managing Variables

If you have run several scripts using the global scope, you might want to clear or delete global variables. This makes the list of variables in the Debugger shorter and relevant. Use the Delete Symbols() function to do so. You can also close JMP and restart to clear the space.

If your script uses so many variables that they are difficult to find and watch in the variable lists, add watches for the specific variables in which you are interested.

To view or edit long values on a tab in the Debugger, right-click the value and select Edit. The code opens in a script editor.

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