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Scripting Guide > Scripting Tools > Debug or Profile Scripts
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Debug or Profile Scripts

In an open script, click the Debug Script button Image shown here (or select Edit > Debug Script) to show the script in the JSL Debugger window. You can also use a keyboard shortcut:

Press Ctrl+Shift+R (Windows).

Press Shift+Command+R (macOS).

The JSL Debugger helps identify the point at which a script causes an error or fails. Rather than commenting out portions of the script or adding Print() expressions, you can use the Debugger to find the problem.

Once the JSL Debugger appears, you can continue in this mode, or you can click the Profile JSL Script button Image shown here to move into the JSL Profiler mode. The JSL Profiler helps with optimization. You can profile your scripts during execution to see how much time is spent executing particular lines or how many times a particular line is executed.

Tip: To debug a script automatically when you open it, include Debug JSL( 1 ) in the Open() statement:

Open( "$SAMPLE_SCRIPTS/scoping.jsl", Debug JSL( 1 ) );
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