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Scripting Guide > Scripting Tools > Debug or Profile Scripts > Persistent Debugger Sessions
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Persistent Debugger Sessions

JMP saves all breakpoints and watches until you delete them. Other user-specific settings, such as column widths on the tabs and the Debugger window size, persist between sessions of JMP.

These settings are stored in a file named JMP.jdeb, the location of which is defined in the USER_APPDATA variable:

Windows 7 and higher: "/C:/Users/<username>/AppData/Roaming/SAS/JMP/16/"

macOS: "/Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/JMP/16/"

As usual, the values of local variables, global variables, and namespaces clear when you close and reopen JMP.

Note: On Windows, the paths differ based on the JMP edition. In JMP Pro, the path refers to “JMPPro”.

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