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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Competing Causes

Sometimes there are multiple causes of failure in a system. For example, suppose that a manufacturing process has several stages and the failure of any stage causes a failure of the whole system. If the different causes are independent, the failure times can be modeled by an estimation of the survival distribution for each cause. A censored estimation is undertaken for a given cause by treating all the event times that are not from that cause as censored observations.

The Competing Causes red triangle menu contains the following options:

Omit Causes

Removes the specified cause value and recalculates the survival estimates.

Save Cause Coordinates

Adds a new column to the current table called log(–log(Surv)). This information is often used to plot against the time variable with a grouping variable, such as the code for type of failure.

Weibull Lines

Adds Weibull lines to the plot.

Hazard Plot

Adds a Hazard Plot.


Creates a new data table containing time and cause information from the Weibull distribution, as estimated by the data.

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