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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Survival Analysis

Analyze Survival Time Data

Survival data contain duration times until the occurrence of a specific event and are sometimes referred to as event-time response data. The event is usually failure, such as the failure of an engine or death of a patient. If the event does not occur before the end of a study for an observation, the observation is said to be censored.

The Survival platform fits a single Y that represents time to event (or time to failure). Use the Survival platform to examine the distribution of the failure times.

Tip: To fit explanatory models, use the Fit Parametric Survival platform or the Fit Proportional Hazards platform.

Figure 13.1 Example of a Survival PlotĀ 

Example of a Survival Plot


Overview of the Survival Analysis Platform

Example of Survival Analysis

Launch the Survival Platform

The Survival Plot

Survival Platform Options

Exponential, Weibull, and Lognormal Plots and Fits
Fitted Distribution Plots
Competing Causes

Additional Examples of the Survival Platform

Example of Survival Analysis
Example of Competing Causes
Example of Interval Censoring

Statistical Reports for Survival Analysis

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