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Publication date: 11/10/2021

The Survival Plot

The Survival platform shows overlay step plots of estimated survival functions for each group. A legend identifies groups by color and line type.

Figure 13.4 The Survival PlotĀ 

The Survival Plot

Reports beneath the plot show summary statistics and quantiles for survival times. Estimated survival times for each observation are computed within groups. Survival times are computed from the combined sample. When there is more than one group, statistical tests compare the survival curves.

If there are any failures that occur at time zero, the Failures at Time Zero report appears when you request a distribution fit from the Product-Limit Survival Fit red triangle menu. This report contains a table of counts of zero-time failures for each level of the Grouping variable. If there is no Grouping variable specified, there is one row in the table labeled Combined. The table also contains a column labeled Prob Time>0. This column is the proportion of observations in each group that has a nonzero failure time.

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