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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Connect to the CAS Server

You can show the login window and prompt the user to provide the URL for the CAS server and their login information.

CAS Connect( Prompt( "Never"|"Always"|"IfNeeded" ) );

To add the login details to the script, follow this example:

CAS Connect( URL( URL ), Username( username ), Password( password ) );

Information about the CAS server appears in the log after the user logs in.

To specify a trusted certificate for https connections to the CAS server, use the optional Certificates argument.

CAS Connect( URL( URL ), Certificates( string ) );

To specify whether a certificate is verified, add either Verify Certificates() or No Verify Certificates() to the script:

Verify Certificates( 0|1 )
No Verify Certificates( 0|1 )

To specify a proxy server, add Proxy Server() to the script:

Proxy Server( "" )
Proxy User( username )

To bypass a proxy server, add Bypass Proxy() to the script:

Bypass Proxy( "https://localhost:80" )
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