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Scripting Guide > Extending JMP
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Extending JMP

External Data Sources, Analytical Tools, and Automation

This chapter discusses scripting features that are particularly useful for production settings, such as the following:

a data feed for capturing real-time data from a laboratory instrument

using SAS, MATLAB, R, or Python through JMP Scripting Language (JSL)

using JMP with Microsoft Excel

connecting to databases

controlling JMP externally by OLE automation

parsing XML

publishing to JMP Public or JMP Live

communicating with REST web services

communicating with web APIs

Some general JSL commands that might be of particular interest for use in a production setting include Caption, Speak, Print, Write, and Mail. These commands are described in Functions that Communicate with Users.


Real-Time Data Capture on Windows

Create a Data Feed Object
Read in Real-Time Data
Manage a Data Feed with Messages
Examples of Data Feed

Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs)

Use Sockets in JSL

Socket-Related Commands
Messages for Sockets

Database Access

Run Query Builder Queries
Open Database Function
Creating a Database Connection and Executing SQL

Write a SQL Query

Work with SAS

Make a SAS DATA Step
Create SAS DATA Step Code for Formula Columns
SAS Variable Names
Connect to a SAS Metadata Server
Get the Values of SAS Macro Variables
Sample Scripts

Work with MATLAB

Install MATLAB

Work with R

Installing R
JMP to R Interfaces
R JSL Scriptable Object Interfaces
Conversion Between JMP Data Types and R Data Types

Work with Python

Install Python
Troubleshooting the JMP Python Integration
JMP-to-Python Interfaces
Equivalent Data Types for Python Send()
Equivalent Data Types for Python Get()
JMP Scoping Operators and Python
Python Name() and Python Send() Examples
Additional Python Integration Examples

Work with Microsoft Excel

Parse XML

OLE Automation

Share Reports on JMP Live

JMP Live Prerequisites
Get an API Key
Publish a Single Report to JMP Live
Publish Several Reports to a JMP Live Folder
Delete Reports in a JMP Live Folder
Replace the Contents of a JMP Live Report
Search for a JMP Live Report or Folder ID
Update Data in JMP Live Reports
Work with Other Content in JMP Live Reports
HTTP Requests in JMP Live

Communicate with REST Web Service

Examples of HTTP Requests

OAuth 2.0 for Web APIs

Using Postman for Redirect URLs
Authorization Code Grant
Implicit Grant
Resource Owner Grant
Using a Token
OAuth 2.0 Resources

Communicate with SAS Cloud Analytic Services

About CAS Actions
Connect to the CAS Server
Create and Submit a CAS Action
Create and Submit a CAS DATA Step Action
Create a New CAS Server
Import Data from the CAS Server
View a CAS Dataset
Get a List of Available CAS Libraries
Export Data from a Data Table to a CAS Server
Convert a CAS Table to a Data Table
Delete a CAS Table
Remove a CAS Table
Verify the CAS Server Connection
Get Details about the Current Connection
Disconnect from the CAS Server
Terminate All CAS Sessions

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