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Publication date: 11/10/2021

JMP Live Prerequisites

Before you can use JSL to publish reports to JMP Live, do the following:

1. Get an API key (if required by a JMP Live administrator). See Get an API Key.

2. Establish a connection to a JMP Live server. See Add a JMP Live Server in Using JMP. When you add a JMP Live server, you need to enter your API key (if required).

When you establish a connection, a JMP Live Connection is created in JSL:

liveconnection = New JMP Live( Connection( "My JMP Live" ), Prompt( If Needed ));

where "My JMP Live" is the name of the JMP Live server connection you created. If authentication is required, an interactive prompt appears. You can change the Prompt to No, but if authentication is required, the connection fails.

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