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Scripting Guide > Extending JMP > Use Sockets in JSL > Socket-Related Commands
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Socket-Related Commands

Before creating and using a socket, you might need to retrieve information about the end that you want to connect to. GetAddrInfo( ) and GetNameInfo( ) each takes an address argument and an optional port argument and returns a list of information. For example:

Print( Get Addr Info( "" ) );
Print( Get Addr Info( "", "80" ) );
Print( Get Name Info( "" ) );

{"Get Addr Info", "ok", {"PF_INET", "SOCK_0", "IPPROTO_0", "", "0"}}

{"Get Addr Info", "ok", {"PF_INET", "SOCK_0", "IPPROTO_0", "", "80"}}

{"Get Name Info", "ok", {"PF_INET", "SOCK_0", "IPPROTO_0", "", "0"}}

Sometimes there can be more than one answer. In that case, the sublist might be repeated one or more times. These functions can be quite slow; you probably should not try to build a data table of every website name with it. For IPV6 compatibility, you should generally use names like “” rather than the numerical form of an address.

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