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Scripting Guide > Extending JMP > Share Reports on JMP Live > Update Data in JMP Live Reports
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Update Data in JMP Live Reports

If the data behind a JMP Live report changes, you can update the data and regenerate the report. You can update the data for a standalone report (using the report ID) or for all the reports in a folder (using the folder ID).

The following example updates data for an individual report. Suppose that in the Big data table, a subject’s age changed and you want to update an associated age report on JMP Live.

dt:Age[1] = 77;
/* Use the JMP Live Connection you established to update the data for the report with the specified ID based on the updated Big data table. */
updateresult = liveconnection << Update Data( report << Get ID( ), Data( dt, "Big" ));
// Show the outcome of the update.
show( updateresult << Succeeded );

Similarly, you can also specify the folder that the report resides in:

updateresult = liveconnection << Update Data( folder << Get ID( ), Data( dt, "Big" ));

Only reports in the folder using the specified data table update.

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