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Publication date: 11/10/2021

About CAS Actions

The smallest unit of work for the CAS server is a CAS action. CAS actions can load data, transform data, compute statistics, perform analytics, and create output.

You configure each action by specifying a set of input parameters. Running a CAS action on the CAS server processes the action’s parameters and the data, and creates an action result. See CAS Actions at

The JSON parameters are specified in the CAS documentation CAS REST API. See For JSON, you can look at the Lua format and make the appropriate adjustments.

For example, in Figure 14.6, notice the difference between the JSON syntax and the Lua syntax. JSON uses the "name" : value format. Lua uses the name = value syntax.

Figure 14.6 Differences Between JSON and LUA 

Differences Between JSON and LUA

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