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Scripting Guide > Extending JMP > Share Reports on JMP Live > Publish Several Reports to a JMP Live Folder
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Publish Several Reports to a JMP Live Folder

Publish several reports to JMP Live by creating a JMP Live Folder and adding the JMP Live Report to the folder. A JMP Live Report object can hold a single report or multiple reports.

The following example creates a scriptable JMP Live Folder and a JMP Live Report called webreport, adds a Bivariate and a Oneway report to the webreport, and adds the reports to a folder:

/* Create a folder in JMP Live. A title is required and a description is optional. Use the JMP Live Connection you established and return a JMP Live object called liveresult. */

liveresult = liveconnection << Create Folder( Title( "Test Folder" ),Description( "Folder created for script testing" ));
// Make the liveresult scriptable.
folder = liveresult << As Scriptable();
// Create an empty JMP Live Report.
webreport = New Web Report();

// Add a Bivariate report to the webreport.

webreport << Add Report( biv, Title( "Bivariate Report" ));

// Add a Oneway report to the webreport.

webreport << Add Report( oneway, Title( "Oneway Report" ));
// Add the reports to the folder.
liveresult = folder << Add Reports To Folder( webreport );

You can use JSL to share the folder with JMP Live groups. See the Share With Groups object in the JMP Scripting Index at Help > Scripting Index.

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