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Scripting Guide > Display Trees > Construct Custom Windows
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Construct Custom Windows

You can use constructor functions to create objects and construct your own displays. For example, you might prompt the user for information, create custom reports, create custom launch windows, or add check box and radio button items to a window.

Start with a New Window(), including a title in quotes, and then construct display boxes inside the window. Make a reference to the new window by assigning it a variable so that you can send messages to it. When display objects are created or referred to by JSL, they are freely shared references until they are copied into another display box or until you close the window and they disappear. When you plug a display object into another display tree, JMP makes a copy of it that the new box owns.

The names of all display box constructors end in “Box”. There are similar objects that live inside graphics frames called display segs (segments such as markers and lines). The names of all display seg objects end in “Seg”.

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