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Scripting Guide > Display Trees
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Display Trees

Create and Interact with Windows

After you learn the basics of scripting, you’re ready to manipulate JMP reports and create new JMP windows. This chapter focuses on the following topics:

navigating JMP display trees to manipulate items in report windows

building new windows with custom results

building modal windows

interacting with the script editor

converting deprecated Dialog() scripts to New Window() scripts

Display Tree Compatibility Issues

JMP platforms are generally stable from release to release. However, sometimes the structure of reports changes in major releases. When this happens, old scripts can fail because of the new structure. To avoid the continual updating of old scripts, write scripts so that they avoid dependence on the report structure. Using a string to index a box, followed by a numbered subscript to pick a specific child box, is most reliable across releases. See Create a Reference by Subscripting. See Compatibility Notes for compatibility issues in JMP 16.

Note: This chapter shows how to create and use the most common display boxes. All display boxes are documented in the JMP Scripting Index, which is available in the Help menu.


Navigate JMP Reports

Examples of Common Display Boxes
View the Display Tree
Show Display Box Properties
Display Box Object References
Send Messages to Display Boxes
Example of Creating a Report

Construct Custom Windows

Example of Creating a Graph Box
Extract Values from a Window
Constructors for New Windows
Interact with a Closing Window
Update an Existing Display
Set Function and Set Script
Get and Set Selected Values of Display Elements That Return Lists
Send Messages to Constructed Displays
Construct Display Boxes That Contain Platforms
Counting the Number of Child Boxes
Examples of Creating a Dashboard from Two Reports
Example of Creating a Cluster Platform Launch Window
Example of Constructing a Custom Platform
Example of Specifying Text and Background Colors

Modal Windows

Construct a Modal Window
Construct a Column Dialog
Comparison of Column Dialog and New Window
Constructors for Column Dialogs

Convert Deprecated Dialog to New Window

New Window Example
Example of Deprecated Dialog
Differences Between New Window and the Deprecated Dialog
Optional Scripts in New Window

Scripting the Script Editor

Technical Details

Write Tab Box and Tab Page Box Scripts
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