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Scripting Guide > Display Trees > Construct Custom Windows > Example of Creating a Graph Box
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Example of Creating a Graph Box

The following example creates a new window that contains a graph box:

win = New Window( "Simple Earth Map",
	gb = Graph Box(
		X Scale( -180, -60 ),
		Y Scale( 20, 80 ), // end of graph box parameters
		<<Background Map( Images( "Simple Earth" ) ) // beginning of script

The parameters set the x-axis and y-axis scale and the frame size. The Background Map message then shows the map. Note that the parameters for Graph Box(), X Scale and Y Scale, come first. After the first comma, the script begins. If you put the script in the middle of the parameters in a New Window() function, the script might run but not produce the results you expect. Scripts are also easier for the users to read if the parameters are at the top of the new window.

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