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Scripting Guide > Display Trees > Construct Custom Windows > Example of Specifying Text and Background Colors
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Example of Specifying Text and Background Colors

The markup argument in a display box enables you to write HTML code to specify text and background colors. The color can be a hex value (starting with “0x”or “#”) or a known JMP color. Here is an example:

New Window( "Colors",
	Text Box(
		"This is <font color=\!"Red\!">red text and this is <font color=\!"0x00ff00\!">green text and this is <font color=\!"#0000FF\!">blue text</font>.",
	Text Box(
		"This is <background color=\!"#ff0000\!"> red text and this is<background color=\!"Green\!"> green text and this is<background color=\!"0x0000FF\!"> blue text</background>",

Figure 11.34 HTML Text and Background Colors 

HTML Text and Background Colors

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