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Profilers > Contour Profiler > Contour Profiler Platform Options
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Contour Profiler Platform Options

Grid Density

Sets the density of the mesh plots in the surface plots.

Graph Updating

Contains options to change the frequency of updates for the graph. (The difference might not be noticeable on a fast machine.) The following two options are available:

Per Mouse Move

Updates the graph continuously as you drag the mouse. This is the default setting.

Per Mouse Up

Updates the graph each time the mouse is released.

Surface Plot

Shows or hides the mesh plots.

Contour Label

Shows or hides a label for the contour lines. The label colors match the contour colors.

Contour Grid

Draws contours on the Contour Profiler plot at intervals that you specify.

Remove Contour Grid

Enables you to remove a contour grid once one is drawn.

Factor Settings

Provides a submenu of commands that enables you to save and transfer the Contour Profiler’s settings to other parts of JMP. See Factor Settings.


Launches the Simulator. See Simulator.

Up Dots

Shows or hides dotted lines that correspond to each contour. The dotted lines show the direction of increasing response values.

Set Contours to Current

Resets the contour lines to be where the current Y values are located. This means that all contour lines cross where the crosshairs are on the contour plot and the controls agree in the Y sliders.

Arrange X Controls Left

Rearranges the X and Y controls horizontally with the X controls on the left or vertical with the X controls at the top.

Hide X Controls

Shows or hides the X controls (Factor Settings and Controls).

Hide Y Controls

Shows or hides the Y controls (Response Settings and Controls).

Multiple Contour Frames

Enables you to add one or more contour plots to the report that represent different combinations of factor settings. When you select this option, the Multiple Contour Frames dialog appears. Use the dialog to specify additional individual contour plots or a matrix of contour plots. You can specify a lower triangular, upper triangular, or full square matrix of contour frames. By default, the new contour plots will be added to the current contour plots in the report. Click the Remove previous frames check box to remove the current contour plots and replace them with your new selections.

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