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Publication date: 11/10/2021


Explore the Effects of Variation on Responses

Simulation enables you to discover the distribution of model outputs as a function of the random variation in the model inputs and noise. The Simulator in the profilers enables you to define random inputs, run simulations, and produce output tables of simulated values.

In the Prediction Profiler, the Simulator is integrated into the graphical layout. Factor specifications are displayed below each factor’s profile. A simulation histogram is shown for each response.

Figure 8.1 Prediction Profiler with Simulator Example 

Prediction Profiler with Simulator Example


Overview of the Simulator

Example of the Simulator

Launch the Simulator

Factors Simulation Settings
Response Simulation Settings

The Simulator Report

The Simulator Report Options

Defect Profiler

Introduction to Tolerance Design
Graph Scale
Defect Rates
Simulation Method and Details

Defect Parametric Profiler

Simulation Experiment

Specification Limits

Additional Examples of the Simulator

Example of the Defect Profiler
Example of Stochastic Optimization
Example of Simulating General Formulas

Statistical Details for the Simulator

Normal Weighted Distribution
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