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Profilers > Simulator > Defect Profiler
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Defect Profiler

To use the Defect Profiler, spec limits must be defined for at least one response. The Defect Profiler shows the probability of an out-of-spec output defect as a function of each factor while the other factors vary randomly. This is used to help visualize the changes in a factor’s distribution that the process is most sensitive to, often as part of tolerance design.

Specification limits are used to define a defect, and the random distributions assigned to each factor are used to simulate responses.

Define at least one of the factors as Random in the simulation settings to obtain useful results. Otherwise, the simulation outputs are constant and the defect rate is zero if the outcome falls within spec or one if the outcome falls out of spec.

Tip: If you need to estimate very small defect rates, consider the Normal weighted random option. This random distribution estimates stable defect rates of just a few parts per million with only a few thousand simulation runs.

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