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Profilers > Simulator > Launch the Simulator
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Launch the Simulator

The Simulator can be accessed as a red triangle menu option in the Prediction Profiler, the Contour Profiler, and the Custom Profiler. When you launch the Simulator from the Prediction Profiler, factor specifications are displayed below each factor’s profile. When you launch the Simulator from the Contour or Custom profilers, factor specifications appear in a Factors report, located below the respective profiler report. See Factors Simulation Settings.

Once the Simulator is accessed, you can define simulation parameters for the responses in the Responses report. See Response Simulation Settings. The Responses report also enables you to set the number of simulations.

A histogram is also added to the right of each response when the Simulator is accessed from the Prediction Profiler. Below the histograms is a Simulate button. Once you specify settings for the factors and responses, click Simulate to simulate response values. The histograms of the simulated responses are updated each time the simulate button is clicked. To simulate responses in the Contour and Custom profilers, open the Simulate to Table report and click Make Table. See The Simulator Report.

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