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Profilers > Simulator > The Simulator Report
Publication date: 11/10/2021

The Simulator Report

The Simulator report contains the following items:

Simulate to Table

Contains a Make Table button that saves the results of the simulation to a data table. If a response has specification limits, the table includes a Y In Spec column that indicates whether the simulated response is within the specification limits. The table also includes an Objective column, labeled Obj. If you added Desirability functions to your profiler prior to simulation, this column is the evaluation of the desirability function. If the Desirability functions were not present prior to simulation, the column contains all missing values.


(Available only when the distribution is Normal, Uniform, or Triangular random.) Sequencing enables you to simulate across a range of locations or spreads for each factor. The simulations are saved to a data table. Select an option to sequence the location or spread of each factor. Specify the number of steps and the range for the sequencing. For each combination of the number of steps, the simulation runs N Runs. If you have two terms, each with 5 steps, and N Runs = 100, the resulting simulation table has 2,500 rows.

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